Storm Shelters

Inground Shelter        Standard Above-Ground Shelter


"Inground Shelter"

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This inground shelter is 5' wide x 7' long.  The ceiling height inside is 6'2" tall and the shelter is rated to hold 6-8 people.  This shelter is constructed of 6000 PSI concrete.  For reinforcement, 3/8" rebar is tied on 12" centers running both directions.  This shelter has a 12" turbine for ventilation and a fixed staircase that bolts to the shelter for security.  It has dual handrails and a 10-gauge steel door with three deadbolts for security.  It is installed 4'6" below grade (in the ground) with approximately 2' remaining above ground.  The dirt from the excavation hole is mounded around the above grade portion of the shelter surrounding it with earth for your safety.

This shelter is FEMA approved.

Please contact us for pricing and delivery.


"Standard Above-Ground Shelter"

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This above-ground shelter makes it possible to walk in and descend one step down for entry.  It has a 30"x 60" 10-gauge steel door with three deadbolts for security.  For ventilation, we have installed a 12" turbine.  The inside dimensions for the shelter are:

4'8" wide x 7'10" long x 6'2" tall

At your request, we can hinge the door to the right or left side.  This shelter is ABOVE GROUND ONLY.

This shelter is considered safe if dirt is placed around it.  Many of our customers place the shelter in an embankment or hillside.  This is an 8-10 person shelter.

This shelter is FEMA approved.

Can be made wheelchair accessible for an additional fee.

Please contact us for pricing and delivery.



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